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Hand Eczema – Essential Points That You Must Know About Your Skin

by Nazerah Tahir December 26, 2018 4 min read


In general terms, it is known as the non-communicable skin inflammation of your hands is known as thehand eczema. Sometimes it gets very difficult or nearly impossible to detect and differentiate hand eczema from allergic contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, and psoriasis. As all the mentioned conditions involve the inflammation of the skin of the hands, the diagnosis becomes a bit tedious.

The problems of hand eczema are quite prevalent as it becomes a very visible situation associated with conditions like severe pain and itching. The main disease has major consequences on the affected person that includes a great impact on the psychological system.

There are different patterns that can be easily identified in accordance with the course of the main illness, the evident appearance of all the symptoms, the degree of disease severity and the catalysts.

The successfultreatment would depend on the situations like the determination of the causes of hand inflammation, accurate diagnosis, proper hand protection processes, and on-time internal treatment.  

Major Signs And Vivid Symptoms That Should Ring The Bell

You must always be aware of all the effective symptoms of hand eczema to make sure that you receive treatment on time. The main signs of the disease are:

  • Burning sensation
  • Chapped, dry skin, also known to be the initial stages of eczema on hands
  • Dark Brown or Red patches of irritated skin
  • Inflamed or scaly skin that may cause a lot of itching
  • Painful, deep cracks
  • Itchyblisters
  • Pain, crusts, and pus
  • Weeping or bleeding skin
  • Sometimes there might be other changes on your skin along with the problems of eczema on the hand. You may have small hives orbumps on your skin or even an extra fold of the skin under the eyes.

    Usually, hand eczema diminishes the ‘quality of life’ of the person affected by it. Especially in case of the chronic forms of hand eczema, the psychological impact might be very high. The main impact might get enhanced due to the major visibility of the inflammation on the hands that usually leads to severe trauma and psychological breakdown.

    How To Diagnose The Problem?

    One of the best ways to go ahead with the diagnosis is to study the complete medical as well as family histories of the patients. The doctor should inquire about the basic things like:

    • Where are the inflammations visible –hand, foot or both?
    • If the patient has asthma or any other allergic reactions like to the pets, pollen or foods
    • The different substances that usually irritates the skin of the patient such as cosmetics or soaps
    • If the patient is going through any kinds of stress
    • When and where all the symptoms started to appear
    • If the patient has had any earlier treatment for different skin conditions

    Sometimes,eczema on the hand orpalm can be easily diagnosed by the doctors by just looking at the rashes. But you must visit the doctor regularly to look out for propertreatment. You must consult a proper specialist like an allergist or dermatologist for the appropriatetreatment andcure in this scenario.

    Initial And Regular Treatment Of Hand Eczema

    Are you willing to know abouthow to treat hand eczema? Well, The best way to stay healthy while living with the problem of hand eczema is to keep all the symptoms efficiently under control. You need to make sure that initial the stages of thetreatment would require you to cut down on your stress levels.

    You would have to keep yourself away from all the products that might trigger the symptoms further. There are a fewhome remedies forhand eczema that have proved to be beneficial in some cases. But it is always recommended to consult the doctor for the appropriatetreatment of the same.

    Some of the most common ways of treating the problems of Hand eczema are:

    • OTC Products –The ‘Over-the-top’ treatments are basically the medications that you can easily purchase without any doctor prescription in hand. You would find a number ofmild hand lotions that workbest tocure the irritation of the affected skin. Such hand lotions are quite effective in cleaning the skin gently to prevent further infection.
    • Moisturizing – If your skin remains dry, it becomes irritated and triggers your eczema on hand to flare. Low humidity, wind, cold temperatures and harsh soaps without the use of proper moisturizer may lead to dry skin. So it is advisable to use thebest hand lotion for eczema along with a proper moisturizer on a regular basis.  
    • Systematic Medications – The main cause of the hand eczema is still not completely known. Although the fact is clear that it takes place due to the weak immune system. For the moderate to severely affected skin inflammation, you must follow the prescribed medications by the doctor.

    In order to make sure that the hand lotions, medications and moisturizers work properly, you need to follow a proper diet and a healthy routine. Hand eczema should never be neglected or kept without treatment. It should be treated on time without any further delays.



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