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Can Eczema Spread From One Person To Another?

by Nazerah Tahir December 26, 2018 3 min read

In case you are wondering about the fact, ‘is eczema contagious?’ you must know that it is not. Eczema is not contagious but the itchy wounds may spread other infections.

Generally, is it said that Eczema contains a generic component where the infected and open wounds have the capability to spread various infections due to its inflammation. The main fact of whetherEczema is contagious becomes a major concern in recent times. The skin condition of Eczema comes from the fact that the skin condition may occur due to various reasons.

The reasons for the occurrence of Eczema tend to differ from one person to another. It is a skin illness that is characterized by the dryness of your skin which causes flaking as well as redness.

Is Eczema A Hereditary Problem?

According to a plethora of research and medical surveys, many doctors have confirmed that the Eczema problem can potentially be hereditary. In case your parents or your siblings are having a skin condition, there is a chance that you might have it too. So you do not have to worry if theEczema is contagious or not, as the disease has an evident genetic component.  

Plus, it has been observed that eczema tends to increase the chances of effective development of Asthma. Here the inflammatory skin conditions of eczema, as well as asthma, are usually caused by the underlying allergens.

Therefore, both the conditions might take place at the same time. Therefore, the question should not be ‘is eczema contagious?’ The question should be ‘does eczema lead to other problems as well?’ In that case, the answer might be a Yes.

In most of the cases, the blame has to be given on the environmental risk factors that surround you. Cold, dry air or contact with various allergen-producing items such as fragrant skin creams tends to cause eczema to aggravate. Therefore, you can say thatEczema is not contagious but it is caused by a number of allergens in your surrounding which may affect others also.  

Can Eczema Affect You From Some Other Person Who Already Has It?

Sois Eczema contagious and can you give or get your eczema from someone else? The answer would be a clear no. The patients suffering from eczema are genetically predisposed to the illness in most of the cases. For instance, if you are even sharing a bed with an affected person every night, you would not suddenly develop the skin condition out of nowhere.

Although the question is quite clear ‘is eczema contagious?’ one cannot neglect the fact that skin infections tend to spread with time. In case you someone is suffering from eczema and is constantly scratching his or her skin which could effectively lead to the breakdown in the skin. The skin then opens up to a variety of infections as the bacteria on our skin tends to get through the top layer of the broken skin and cause a severe infection. Here, the infection can get to be quite contagious in nature. So instead of enquiring about ‘is eczema contagious’ you must inquire about the various skin infections related to it.

How Would You Differentiate Between Eczema And Regular Infection

One must be sure of the fact that our body needs to have an intact and efficient outer layer of the skin in order to prevent the harmful pathogens such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses from entering the deeper layers of your skin. As the skin gets broken down due to the effects of eczema, it becomes effectively colonized with all the microorganisms, leading to an infection.

So if you are more worried about whethereczema is contagious, you must take note of the effects of the skin infections occurring due to eczema. The infectious microorganism that enters your body due to the breakdown of your skin might prove to be contagious to anyone who comes in contact with the affected skin.   

In order to differentiate the effects of infection from eczema, you must be cautious about the changes taking place on your skin. All the contagious infections are usually tender to your touch along with some effective wetness as well as weeping. The creation and oozing out of pus from the affected area is the most common symptom of severe skin infections.

So if you are still not sure whether youreczema is contagious and are worried about the skin infections, consult a doctor right away. It is always better to be sure about the disease and its repercussions so that you are prepared to deal with it without any problems.

As many skin illnesses tend to look similar on the forefront, they might have different kinds of symptoms and causes in the long run. You just have to be very cautious and careful.

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