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Best Ways To Treat Eczema On Hands

by Nazerah Tahir January 19, 2019 4 min read

Eczema is a skin issue that often attacks people during the hot summer months or during the chilly winters. The prime target of this skin disease is on the feet and hands. Thus, it is quite important to knowhow to treat eczema on the hands and feet. The skin on the hands become inflamed, red, itchy, rough, and cracked. Sometimes, you might also feel pain on the fingers. Some people even get blisters on the hands.

The first step that comes in the question ofhow to treat eczema on hands is to get the condition diagnosed at the correct time. Early detection of the situation can help in treating the condition in a proper manner. The expert dermatologists can find out the actual cause of the condition and recommendhow to cure eczema on hands using the proper treatment methods.

Types Of Hand Eczema To Know About:

The causes of eczema are not quite known by the experts but mostly this skin issue arises either due to genetics or due to certain environmental factors surrounding the person. In order to knowhow to treat eczema on hands in the proper manner, you must be aware of the types of hand eczema that can occur. The first one is atopic dermatitis which is quite a common form of hand eczema. This leads to dry and sensitive skin and sometimes one can also experience blood oozing out from the cracks of the hands. This condition may occur due to extreme weather, exposure to too much dust or owing to food allergies.

The second type is the contact dermatitis. This form of hand eczema mainly occurs due to direct contact of the hands with any type of irritable chemical. The last type ofeczema on hands is dyshidrotic eczema. You can get itchy blisters appearing on the hands in this type of eczema. It mainly occurs due to lack of adequate moisture, stress or contact of the hands with specific metals like cobalt, nickel, etc. Knowing the different forms of the disease helps in getting the answer ofhow to treat eczema on hands effectively.

How To Treat Eczema On Hands: Know The Most Effective Ways Of Treatment:

  • Use Of Rubber Gloves: After you get diagnosed with hand eczema, it is better not to expose the hands too much in soapy water. So, while you carry out the dishwashing and other tasks of the household, use rubber gloves for protection of the hands. The gloves do not allow the natural oils of your skin from getting stripped away in water.
  • Keep The Hot Showers As Short As Possible:It can be an absolute treat for you to take shower in the hot water for a long time. However, this can make your skin get more dry and itchy. So, if you are trying to find outhow to treat eczema on hands in a faster manner, then keep your showers short and try using lukewarm water.
  • Only Gentle Soaps:The most vital point to remember in the list ofhow to treat eczema on hands is using only the soaps and body washes that are the gentlest. Soaps which have fragrances dyes, alcohol and other irritants can be quite harmful to your hands. You must also try to use hand cleaners with hypoallergenic components in them which are quite gentle for the hands.
  • Proper Moisturizing:If you want to knowhow to treat eczema on hands without irritating the skin further, then remember frequent moisturizing is the key. Every time you wash your hands or come out of the shower, never skip the step of using a moisturizer to nourish the skin of the hands.
  • Choosing The Perfect Moisturizer To Treat Eczema On Hands:Just like your soaps, the moisturizer that you choose must be free from any type of dyes or perfumes. This eases the process ofhow to treat eczema on hands. Choose thick and heavy moisturizers which can lock the moisture in your hands for a long time. There are several well-known products available in the market these days which help to heal the irritation quite fast.

Managing Cracks Is An Essential Part OfHow To Treat Eczema On Hands:

It is quite common that your hands might bleed and crack in this skin issue. The best trick to use here is to smear and soak your hands. Follow these steps and seehow to treat eczema on hands magically:

  • Use lukewarm water to soak the hands for about 5-10 minutes. After that, you need to pat the hands dry.
  • Next, you need to smear some petroleum-based cream or ointment on the hands. This helps in healing the dryness and cracked skin.
  • You can also put on the cotton gloves for protection after the moisturizing. Keep it on for half an hour and you can see the difference.

This whole process must get done at least two times every day when you are trying to figure out the best ways ofhow to treat eczema on hands. Soaking your hands in water diluted with bleach can also work wonders in treating the bacteria that can develop on the hands due to eczema.

Opt For Natural Products Over Medications To Treat Hand Eczema:

If you search online abouthow to treat eczema on hands, you can get several names of medicines that appear on the skin. These antibiotics can heal the disease but might also cause other problems in the human body. Thus, using 100%natural gels and oils to treat hand eczema is the best way out. Try to read the ingredient list of the creams and lotions that you purchase to apply on the hands. Research about the ingredients mentioned ensuring that they are delicate for the skin.

If you follow the above steps religiously in the process ofhow to treat eczema on hands, then the results start appearing in no time. The natural healing process helps to enhance the formation of healthy skin and new tissues.

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